Wedding Bundle: Printable Genealogy Forms for Family History Research (Digital Download)

The Wedding Bundle contains fifteen pages designed to help your genealogy research: the Announcement page, the Bridal Shower page, the Bridal Shower Blank page, the Engagement page, the Honeymoon page, the Honeymoon Blank page, the Proposal Blank page, the Proposal Lined page, the Wedding Album page, the Wedding Blank page, the Wedding Cards page, the Wedding Dress page, the Wedding Gifts page, the Wedding Invitation page, and the Wedding Keepsakes page.

WHAT YOU'RE BUYING: fifteen digital download genealogy forms, left-handed and right-handed, in 24 different colors so you can choose which color to use in your notes.

*IMPORTANT* - This is a digital item. You can download immediately and print at home but you will not be receiving a physical paper product from me. Remember this item is for personal use only. You are not allowed to redistribute or use for commercial use.