Hi, I'm Carly Morgan

I have sold thousands of genealogy pages to people who want a simple way to organize their family history.

I put these pages together after I couldn't find a good way to share all of the stories and photos that I had inherited. Using worksheets let me build my family tree books one page at a time and gave me a way to track my research and see my ancestors' stories laid out in an organized fashion. In the last two years, people around the world have started using my pages - so incredible! - and they've given me great ideas for adding new pages to the collection.

About Family Tree Notebooks

Family Tree Notebooks is a system of worksheets that you can mix and match to build ancestor "chapters" that hold all of the records, photos, and stories you want to share.

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/// Each ancestor has an index number that you use to organize their pages. You can come up with your own index numbers or follow the handy pre-numbered index that goes from one starting "root" person all the way up to that person's 4th great-grandparents.

/// Add in siblings, cousins, business partners, second marriages, adoptive parents...you can capture all of those relationships just by using the right combination of pages.

/// To create an ancestor page, you just add text and/or photos to the right places on the digital page. You can use a computer program, an app (such as Goodnotes 5), or print the pages out and fill them in by hand.

/// I only sell digital pages because the pages are designed to be used again and again. This keeps the cost down and it also means that you'll always have all the pages you need to work on your family history!