About Family Tree Notebooks

The purpose of Family Tree Notebooks is to 

  • give people a way to easily organize their family history,
  • make genealogy research less confusing, and 
  • raise awareness of the benefits of archiving your ancestor's photos, documents, and stories.

My name is Carly and I'm obsessed with family history. A few years ago, I had amassed boxes and bins of research but I didn't have a good system for finding things when I needed them. I started creating worksheets to corral my research and quickly realized that filling out worksheets was an easy way to build books. By doing my family tree notebooks one page at a time, I'm able to make consistent progress without overwhelming myself and I never worry that I don't know how to save an important photo, document, or memory. 

I think everyone should take an interest in their genealogy because I believe in preserving history and encouraging generational healing. I also believe that family history doesn't have to be a complicated or time-consuming effort best left to the experts. You are in the best position to put together the story of the generations before you and you likely already have the skills necessary to build something beautiful and comprehensive for the generations to come. 

Background on me:

  • I'm multi-racial with ancestors from China and Europe.
  • In the United States, I focus mainly on researching families who lived in Northern California, Northeastern Ohio, and the Chicago area.
  • I specialize in digital genealogy.
  • I have degrees from The University of Utah and The Ohio State University. I also studied at Oxford University for a while and have a soft spot for their beautiful library.
  • I've been a full-time blogger for more than ten years.
  • My husband and I are raising three kids in Salt Lake City, Utah.

If you have any questions about Family Tree Notebooks and using my pages to build an ancestor book, please drop me a line at carly@familytreenotebooks.com.

If you are interested in working with Family Tree Notebooks, please contact me at carly@familytreenotebooks.com to let me know you're looking to collaborate. I do take sponsored posts on a limited basis, but am not currently joining new affiliate programs.