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Family Tree Notebooks

Color Sale: All the Low Ink Pages

Color Sale: All the Low Ink Pages

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Purchase access to all of the Family Tree Notebooks pages (past AND future!) in your favorite color. 

This purchase will give you the link to my master folder where I've put all of the FTN pages that I've created in this color (more than 2,000) and where I will put all of the pages I've created in the future. This includes genealogy worksheets, cover pages, divider pages, photo pages, and more. 

All sales are final. No color exchanges are possible due to the nature of this product. 

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Customer Reviews

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Leila Muller
Low Ink Colour Bundle

More than happy with all of the pages purchased as a bundle. I know it will take me years to use them all, but after getting my head around using Goodnotes on my computer, and working out how to set things up, I am more than happy with the templates. I had watched the videos before purchase, but there is nothing like working with the product whilst watching the videos. I understand why the new pages released each year are in a separate folder, but it was not until I completely downloaded the folders to my computer, that I was able to search all the folders to find particular pages that I wanted to work with. The price per page as a bundle is very attractive when buying the entire bundle as well as knowing you have access to all future pages as well. Over the last 2 days I have probably played with some of the pages for a total of about 8 hours, and I now feel confident that I can commence completing a sample book and be happy with what will be achieved. I have been a member of the Facebook group for about 2 years, but am only now finding the time to explore this way of putting a Family Book together. I would certainly recommend considering this process for your means of recording your family history for others in the family to be able to enjoy the information you have gather from the years you have spent researching.

Melody Marshall
Five Star Winner

Hi Carly - Thank you for creating such great genealogy data organizers! I purchased the Low Ink Pages but will also purchased color pages to add in to separate families or generations. You have definitely made doing genealogy research more organized! Great product!

Allison Brulotte
lost pages

Hi, Carley, i am lost as how to download my additional free pages after my Low Ink purchase. I have been scanning papers for my book, etc. Could send me the link if possible. I cant wait to start.

Karen M
Best deal ever!

I feel this is the best deal for now and the future. Thank you Carly for making this available.