Here are Your Free Genealogy Pages

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You're on track to be the first to know about new pages and to have the opportunity to beta test new products for free. In the meantime, here are three of my most popular genealogy pages so you can try the Family Tree Notebooks system out to see if it works for you:

Ancestor Profile

Index 1-25

Death Records


I'm also including these two freebies to help you get started:

Getting Started Guide 2020

FTN Color Guide


If you want to add text and photos to the pages before you print them out, you have a couple of options.

Here's a post talking about how I use an app on my iPad to fill out the pages:

Here's a post about using Adobe Acrobat on the desktop:

Other people have had luck with other programs - you basically just need to find something that will let you add text and photos to a standard PDF page. Hope that helped!