The Family Tree Notebooks All-in-One Starter Pack

For the first time ever, I'm offering all of my best-selling pages AND my best-selling book AND bonuses in one package. Why? Because you asked! 

The top request I get is from people who are brand new to the system. They like what they see, but they're a little overwhelmed, and they reach to me because they want to just buy the one thing they need so they can get their family history book started. 

Here it is. 

I'm not kidding - this is all you need to make an amazing book! In fact, most of the people who buy this All-in-One Starter Pack won't ever need to buy anything else from me. They'll have the pages for life and they can use them over and over again to make as many family history books as they'd like. 

Yes, this is for real! I went through and found all of my best-selling products in my top-selling color and put them together in one bundle. What does "Low Ink" mean, you might be wondering? It's the "color" on FTN that's mostly white space - just black ink without the color strip on the binding. This saves you ink and, if you aren't using letter-sized paper (I'm looking at you, my international friends!), this is the color that will print out nicely and not look like the pages aren't the right size. 

And yes, there are bonuses. 


I made these bonuses just for you, in answer to four years of requests and common questions. I wasn't kidding - this pack has everything you need! 

So why the low price? 

(A) I want there to be a comprehensive, affordable option. 

(B) I'm pretty confident that you'll get hooked on the system and come back for more colors or some of the 2,000+ pages I've created for the FTN system. 

(C) I want you to join our community, share your work, inspire others, and, most importantly, I want you to create something amazing to showcase the family history work you've done and the stories you want to share about your ancestors. 


To sum up, the Family Tree Notebooks All-in-One Starter Kit comes with:

  • Low Ink U.S. Deluxe Bundle ($39 value)
  • Low Ink International Deluxe Bundle ($39 value)
  • 40 Best-Selling Pages in Low Ink ($80 value)
  • Low Ink Ancestor Dividers ($5 value)
  • Low Ink Miscellaneous Dividers ($5 value)
  • 5 Low Ink Cover Pages ($10 value)
  • A digital copy of Family Tree Notebooks 101 ($20 value)


  • BONUS Starter Guide
  • BONUS Layout Guide
  • Comprehensive page lists (alphabetical and by folder)