Which PDF Program Should I Use to Fill in My Family Tree Notebooks Pages?

Which PDF Program Should I Use to Fill in My Family Tree Notebooks Pages?

Family Tree Notebooks pages are PDF files. You can either print them out and fill them in by hand or add text and photos digitally to customize the pages for your family tree. As filling in the pages by hand and printing/gluing all the pages would be fairly labor-intensive, 99% of FTN customers choose to use the pages digitally. 

Family Tree Notebooks pages are not fillable, which means you cannot simply click on them and add text to a box that pops up. This is because I want you to use the page in a way that feels right to you so you'll be able to choose text size/placement and add photos in any size or orientation that you find appealing. In order to do this, you'll need to use a PDF editor. 

A PDF editor is any program that can take a PDF file (like these pages) and edit the page. You won't be able to change the text I've put on the page but you will be able to use an editor to add your own text and photos to fill in the information you want to share about your ancestors. 

My preferred program is Goodnotes. For a long time, Goodnotes was only available on iPads or Macs, but they've recently released an Android version. It's a notetaking app, but you can import the Family Tree Notebooks pages as the basis for your "notes" and add text and photos easily. 

I've also used Adobe Acrobat. One of the unique benefits of using Adobe Acrobat is you can use the same Adobe-based font that I used when I created the pages (Domus Titling, extralight) if you want all of the font on the page to be the same. 

There are many other PDF programs out there that people in our community are using to add text and photos to their Family Tree Notebooks pages. I've covered a few of them in the video below but there are more options listed if you scroll down. Again, I've only ever used Goodnotes and Adobe Acrobat so I can't make any recommendations beyond that.



Wondershare - PDF Element

Architect 9



Nitro Pro


Note: Canva, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word are not listed because they are not good choices for editing Family Tree Notebooks pages. They mess up the formatting and create more work for you so I would encourage you to explore different programs, even if you're comfortable  

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