The Bonuses for the 2024 FTN Masterclass

The Bonuses for the 2024 FTN Masterclass

Enrollment for the 2024 Masterclass is almost open and, per usual, comes with bonuses! Will you get just one or both?

Bonus for all 2024 Masterclass students:

Surprise! I have a new book coming out at the beginning of December and it's stuffed full of ideas for your Family Tree Notebook. It's also going to be delivered FREE to everyone who signs up for the 2024 FTN Masterclass as this year's bonus! (Don't worry - if you aren't signing up for the Masterclass, it will still be available in the shop on 12/1.)

Bonus for Early Bird students who enroll in the FTN Masterclass on 11/24/23:

I have a new course coming out on January 1st! I've been wanting to do some smaller courses on topics that the community has asked for and this one is priced at just $97. If you're an Early Bird student, though, you'll get access to this course in addition to your Masterclass and you'll get all of the content for free when it goes live on 1/1/24. (How crazy is it that we're already talking about 2024??)

That's the scoop. If you can't remember what the Masterclass is all about, you can check out the info page

By the end of the Masterclass, you will have… 

  • Organized all of your family history files
    Files on your computer, files on the Internet, files in boxes around your house…we’re tackling it all!
  • Taken inventory of what you already have for each ancestor
    It can be overwhelming when things are saved all over the place, but we’re going to identify, sort, and store them efficiently so you never lose things again.
  • Built a family history library of online and offline files
    We’ll give every ancestor space and put everything in its place.
  • Crafted family history pages to build chapters about each ancestor
    Tell their stories in an easy-to-follow way that anyone can pick up and enjoy.
  • Written a full book about seven generations of your family tree
    One book finished and the tools to keep expanding to even more generations!

The class is six weeks long and stuffed with pre-recorded videos, transcripts, handouts, and examples so you never get lost. You also retain access to the material for life so you can always go back for a refresher. Don't forget - if you choose the Guided Learning option, you also get the Facebook group, weekly Zoom chats, and access to ALL of the FTN pages in the color of your choice. 

Masterclass enrollment opens on 11/24. See you in class and Happy Thanksgiving! 

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