Should I Download All of My Pages to My Computer? To My Tablet?

Should I Download All of My Pages to My Computer? To My Tablet?

If you've purchased a deluxe bundle, small bundle, or single pages from Family Tree Notebooks, I usually recommend that you download the pages to your computer. The download link that comes automatically from my store does expire after a while so you won't be able to use it to download your pages. If this happens, you can always contact me and I can give you a new link or send you the pages directly, but it's less of a headache for you if you have the files stored somewhere that you can access. 

However, if you've bought access to a Color Folder, I don't think you need to download every page you now have. Why? When you purchase access to the Color Folders, you get every page that I've ever created in that color and, at the time I'm writing this, that's more than 2000 pages (with more coming every month!).

I can promise that you won't need all 2000 of those pages when you're making your family tree notebook. We have such a diversity of families in our community that there will be pages that some people use over and over again while other people never need them at all. The Color Folder option is there so you have all of the tools (pages) at your fingertips so you always have what you need. It is NOT there to make you feel like you need to fill up your computer or tablet with every page I create! 

If you've purchased something from Family Tree Notebooks and you can't find it, whether it's a single page or a deluxe bundle or your link to the Color Folder, just drop me a line at and I'll sort you out. 

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