10 Genealogy Tips for the Summer

10 Genealogy Tips for the Summer

1. Visit ancestral graveyards

Take advantage of the good weather and visit the final resting places of your ancestors. Look for interesting headstones, take photographs, and make notes of any relevant information.

2. Attend family reunions

Summer is a popular time for family gatherings, so make an effort to attend reunions or organize one yourself. These events are excellent opportunities to connect with relatives, share stories, and gather valuable family history information.

3. Interview older relatives

Use the relaxed and leisurely atmosphere of summer to sit down with older relatives and conduct interviews. Ask them about their memories, family traditions, and any information they might have about your ancestors.

4. Explore local archives and libraries

Many genealogical societies and libraries have extended summer hours. Take advantage of these resources to access birth, marriage, and death records, local newspapers, city directories, and other valuable genealogical materials.

5. Plan research trips

If you're considering visiting a specific location for genealogical research, summer is an ideal time to plan your trip. Research local repositories, historical societies, and archives beforehand to maximize your time on-site.

6. Digitize family photos and documents

Take advantage of the longer days to digitize your collection of family photos, documents, and other memorabilia. Scan or photograph them to preserve them for future generations and easily share them with family members.

7. Create a family history timeline

Use summer downtime to compile a timeline of your family history. Organize key events, births, marriages, and deaths in chronological order to identify gaps in your research and potential areas for further investigation.

8. DNA testing

Consider taking a DNA test during the summer. Many DNA testing companies offer discounts during this time, and the summer break provides ample time for you to explore the results, connect with matches, and delve into genetic genealogy.

9. Attend genealogy conferences or workshops

Check for genealogy conferences or workshops taking place during the summer. These events offer valuable educational opportunities, networking with other researchers, and access to experts who can help you break through brick walls in your research.

10. Explore outdoor historical sites

Visit historical sites and landmarks related to your ancestors' lives. Whether it's a colonial village, a battlefield, or an ancestral hometown, experiencing these places firsthand can provide invaluable context for your family history research.

Remember to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and enjoy the process of discovering your family's past. Happy summer genealogy research!

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