Book + Classes


Do you feel ready to buy the pages and start building your family tree notebook or do you need some guidance?

If you need a little guidance, check out the Family Tree Notebooks 101 book which is packed with sample images and ideas for capturing your family tree. 

Need more guidance than that? I've got you covered:

The Family Tree Notebooks Beginner Level course covers everything you need to know to get your family history under control. The Family Tree Notebooks Intermediate Level course takes it to the next level and focuses more on research and gathering genealogical evidence. Each course consists of 10 lessons (30+ videos) plus PDF guides and additional materials. 

There are three pricing options. If you take the Self-Paced course for $200, you get:

/// access to the lessons for at least a year so you can watch them at your leisure

/// PDF guide books for each video

If you take the one of the scheduled Live courses for ($300), you get all of that plus:

/// a copy of every digital genealogy worksheet I've ever made for the Family Tree Notebooks shop (including the new ones!) in a special course-only color so you have pages to use as you start to build your notebook

/// access to a private Facebook group just for students in the live course

/// a one-hour Zoom call with me and your classmates to follow up on your progress a month after the course ends

*Note: Live courses have an enrollment cap and often sell out quickly. If you would like to know when the next Live course will be happening, be sure to join the Family Tree Notebooks email list

You can also choose to take just one or two of the lessons in the course and pay just $29 per lesson.