Craft a Personal Mother's Day Gift You Can Print at Home or Send Digitally

Posted by Carly Morgan on

Mother's Day is just a week away! 

Gifting a family tree notebook is a touching way to put a lot of thought into your Mother's Day gift without needing a ton of time or money. You can either build pages for your own notebook and then send a handful of those pages with a Family Tree Notebooks gift card (so they can start building their own notebooks) or you can use the pages in the Mother's Day Bundle to build a special mini-notebook focused on the mom or mother figure you're celebrating. 

In these crazy times, you might have to social-distance while celebrating mom on her special day, so sending a digital PDF notebook is a wonderful way to keep the gift personal even when you can't be there. This could also be a fun time to surprise other women in your life who could use a pick me up or a little inspiration to spend time at home getting their family trees organized.

(1) Buy the Mother's Day Bundle

(2) Buy a Family Tree Notebooks gift card

(3) Download the pages to your computer/device

(4) Add text and photos to make the gift personal (either on your computer or on your iPad)

(5) Send your gift electronically or print it at home to give in person (or both!)

Sending a mini-notebook and a gift card doesn't have to be a huge gesture (although adding pages and spending time writing down memories can make the gift as grand as you'd like!). 

If you spend $19 on the Mother's Day Bundle and $29 on a gift card, you've spent $48 on your Mother's Day present. Mom (or whoever the lucky recipient is) gets to choose a bundle of pages in their color of choice and you get to keep the Mother's Day Bundle to add to your own family tree work if you're already using pages from the Family Tree Notebooks system.

$29 - Gift card so mom can choose a deluxe bundle in the color of her choice

$19 - Mother's Day Bundle (pages to use for your gift AND for your own research)


$48 - You both get new pages to organize your family tree

Spend $29 each on additional gift cards and you get to re-use your Mother's Day Bundle to make more mini-notebooks and show love to more women in your life without having to buy the special mom-themed pages over and over. The Mother's Day Bundle includes all 22 pages in 23 different colors so your gifts can be as unique as the moms you're honoring. 

$29 - Gift card for mom

$29 - Gift card for your sister

$29 - Gift card for your mother-in-law

$29 - Gift card for your best friend and genealogy research buddy

$19 - Mother's Day Bundle


$135 - You honor FOUR of your favorite women with gifts, giving them a fun surprise that could lead them into a very fulfilling way to spend time as they unexpectedly spend more time at home this summer, and YOU also get to use the mom-themed pages for your own research. 

Looking for other things you can add to the gift to get mom started? I have recommendations for notebooks, discbound journals, quality printer paper, and other accessories on my genealogy resources page. Happy shopping!